Your Organization Needs Project Management Support

You don’t have enough time or people to get done all of the tasks that you need to get done every day. Keeping track of the status of your projects, schedules and budgets are just a few things that are difficult to keep up with. However, you don’t need, don’t want, or can’t hire full-time in-house project management support.

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DemandPM is a Simple Cost-Effective Solution

We provide you with a virtual project management team that does everything from developing and managing project budgets to facilitating meetings and following up on action items.

Simple Project Management Support

How It Works

1. Select a plan that fits your organization’s needs

Each plan comes with blocks of time that are available to your organization for core project coordination and project management functions.

2. You are assigned a virtual project manager

Your virtual project manager is responsible for managing and coordinating all of your DemandPM services. They are your single point of contact and your go-to person. They will take time during onboarding to get to know you and your organization’s needs. They can also facilitate meetings and handle all external communication on your behalf.

3. Your virtual project manager goes to work

You can either setup a routine schedule of project coordination and management tasks for your virtual project manager or you can send them tasks that fit your plan on an as needed basis. Your virtual project manager keeps you organized and on track.



Select the plan that best fits the needs of your organization. Remember, you can always change your plan later.


$ 180 /mo


2 hours of project meeting participation
30 project emails sent
Actively tracking up to 2 projects

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$ 1100 /mo


12 hours of project meeting participation
90 project emails sent
Actively tracking up to 8 projects
4 hours of meeting facilitation
3 status reports created and presented each month
Develop budgets for assigned projects
Draft project requirements documents

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